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Purpose & Direction

School Motto: Learn Today so that you can Lead Tomorrow!


Castle High School creates a safe and productive learning environment, in which our students are encouraged and taught to solve problems, to think critically, and be technologically literate, in order to make a valuable contribution to society. Castle High School helps each student reach their individual potential through a challenging standards-based curriculum and monitored progress. Students are encouraged to be responsible, respectful, self-disciplined members of our diverse society.


School Improvement Goal

Castle High School will improve its mean critical reading scores 1% by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. All sophomore students will take the PSAT exam. PSAT analysis of critical reading skills will be the tool used for measuring student progress annually. Results of the critical reading portion of the PSAT exam will be compared with previous years PSAT critical reading data to determine whether Castle High School is achieving this goal. Teachers will employ various strategies to help students enhance their critical reading capabilities.