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Resource Education

Resource Department

Castle is very proud of its resource department and the opportunities it provides. Students enrolled in resource classes learn a variety of real world experiences that will prepare them for life after high school. Click the links below for more information.

Department Initiatives


Special Cup is a program where students take orders, prepare coffee, and deliver to students, teachers, and administrators all around Castle every Friday morning during 1st-3rd periods. The program is a favorite among students at Castle! This year, the program created 'special' flavors during the holiday seasons. Every cup is only $1 and all proceeds go towards funding other initiatives for the resource department.

Click Here to access the Special Cup Order Form



Field TripThe Resource Department offers its students many opportunities to experience learning outside the classroom on multiple field trips every year.




Course Resources:


Resource Teachers

  • Department Head
    Basic Skills, ED

  • Resource Teacher
    Business Math, Math Lab, Health Sp Ed, Algebra Sp Ed, Study Hall

  • Resource Teacher
    CT Eng 10, CT Algebra, Basic Skills